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The ICVS is an established R&D Unit with a growing capacity to develop research in the biomedical, translational and clinical areas, ranked with the maximum grade of “Excellent” by the FCT’s international evaluation panels.

The research methodology adopted at the ICVS is organized into three Research Domains:  i) Microbiology and Infection; ii) Surgical Sciences; and iii) Neurosciences, supported by several functional units. Each Research Domain is based on Research Lines that integrate a core of related Projects. Seeking better performance with the involvement of all researchers, the governing bodies of each of these structures are elected among ICVS researchers.

The ICVS has pursued a policy of sustained increase in critical mass, currently integrating more than 250 researchers, in addition to 14 specialized technicians and 5 administrative staff, shared and supported by the ECS. The distinctive aspects of the ICVS are: i) its intrinsic support to the training of physicians and its association with health care institutions, impacting the clinical scope of research; ii) the interaction with other research groups in the field of technology at the UMinho, particularly the 3B's Group; iii) the quality and differentiation of the human resources, participating in a research strategy focused on a defined number of topics; iv) an integrated, flexible and collegial organization, aiming at a high quality scientific production, reflected in a growing capacity to attract external funding.

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