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Name: Joana Vanessa Santos dos Reis


School Phone: +351

Email: id5823@alunos.uminho.pt






Selected Publications

Jacinto L, Reis J, Dias N, Cerqueira JJ, Correia JH and Sousa N. Stress affects theta activity in limbic networks and impairs novelty-induced exploration and familiarization. Front. Behav. Neurosci, 7:127 (2013).

Oliveira JF, Dias NS, Correia M, Gama-Pereira F, Sardinha VM, Lima A, Oliveira AF, Jacinto LR, Ferreira DS, Silva AM, Reis JS, Cerqueira JJ, Sousa N. Chronic stress disrupts neural coherence between cortico-limbic structures. Front Neural Circuits. 2013;7:10.

Dias NS, Ferreira D, Reis J, Jacinto LR, Fernandes L, Pinho F, Festa J, Pereira M, Afonso N, Santos NC, Cerqueira JJ, Sousa N. Age effects on EEG correlates of the Wisconsin Card Sorting Test. Physiol Rep, 3(7):e12390 (2015).

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