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The Microbiology and Infection Research Domain (MIRD) investigates cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying pathogenesis of infectious diseases, as well as eukaryotic cell models of metabolic deregulation.

MIRD is presently organized in two research lines: Immunology of Infection; and Cellular and Molecular Microbiology. Emphasis is given to the elucidation of: i) the mechanisms of pathogenesis and immune control of mycobacteriosis and mycosis, two important infectious threats to human health and against which vaccines are unavailable or inefficient, and ii) how cells decide between an apoptotic or a necrotic-like programmed cell death mode in relation to metabolic status.

Our studies range from bioinformatics to molecular and cellular mechanisms, exploring eukaryotic cell models, mouse and human systems. Ultimately, our goal is to use this knowledge to induce or enhance protective immunity against infection and to apply the knowledge obtained on programmed cell death mechanisms on different disease models. We benefit from a great logistic infrastructure (including Biosafety Level 3 labs prepared with a vast range of equipment, including for animal work) and an interdisciplinary team that includes basic researchers and medical doctors working in fundamental, translational and clinical research.

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