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Office: I3.02

School Phone: +351 253 604 834

Email: abelinha@med.uminho.pt




Keywords: Innate Immunity Immunology Metabolism Host-pathogen interactions


Ana Belinha is a Master's Student at the School of Life and Health Sciences, University of Minho, Portugal. She concluded her Biochemistry degree from the Faculty of Sciences, University of Porto in 2014 where she studied the host protective effect of CD8+ T cells in the context of infection. She is currently studying the impact of aminoacid metabolism in monocyte diferentiation and its role in macrophage effector functions.

Selected Publications

Mesquita I, Varela P, Belinha A, Gaifem J, Laforge M, Vergnes B, Estaquier J, Silvestre R. "Exploring NAD+ metabolism in host-pathogen interactions". Cell Mol Life Sci (in press).

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