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The Neuroscience Research Domain (NeRD) at ICVS aims to create the conditions to produce high quality research in the field of neuroscience and to generate the best environment for the training of its research students. We cover the full spectrum of research (from basic to clinic) with a high degree of inter-disciplinarity. We are focused on understanding the neurobiological mechanisms implicated in several neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative disorders, as well as in evaluating the interplay between the nervous and the immune systems. This approach relies on the continuous effort to find the best compromise between individual interests and independence of each researcher, with the investment in the areas of common interest through internal collaborations. We benefit from a great logistic (labs and equipment) infrastructure and a vast team that guarantees expertise in a vast technical platform; in this way we foster multimodal approach to the research questions under study.

The close interplay with the Clinical Academic Center allows to bridge, within the same infrastructure, from the molecular and cellular approaches to the clinical applications. In this way, we hope to take part of the fantastic challenge of contributing to better understanding the Nervous System in health and in disease to improve its functioning. 

The Neuroscience Research domain is presently organized in three research lines.
I) Neurodevelopment
II) Neurodegeneration
III) Neuroimmunology

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