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Name: Bruno Almeida

Office: I2.13

School Phone: +351 253 604 875

Email: brunoalmeida@med.uminho.pt






Bruno Almeida, 35 years old, graduated in Applied Biology in 2003 and completed his PhD degree in Health Sciences in June 2009 (University of Minho). In January 2010 he joined IBMC and since January 2011, he has been a Post-Doc fellow from FCT at this Associate Laboratory. Since March 2016 he is a Post-Doc fellow (FCT) at Neurosciences Research Domain from the Life and Health Sciences Research Institute (ICVS - University of Minho). During his scientific career, Bruno Almeida has worked in several research groups in Portugal (ICVS-University of Minho and IBMC-University of Porto), in the Netherlands (Institute Biology, Leiden University) and in Finland (Biocenter Oulu, Oulu University), with short stays in top research laboratories in France (EMBL Grenoble and ESRF) and Spain (IRB Barcelona and PRBB Barcelona).
Bruno Almeida is mainly interested in studying the molecular mechanisms influencing neurodegeneration in polyglutamine (polyQ) expansion disorders (PQD), particularly Machado Joseph disease (MJD), in studying the biological functions of the disease-causative proteins, and in translating this knowledge into the development of therapeutic tools.

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