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Dynamic myelopathy in Hirayama disease
Pinho J, Machado C, Oliveira TG, Soares I, Magalhães Z, Maré R

Suicidal behaviour in frontotemporal dementia patients - A retrospective study
Fonseca L, Duarte J, Machado A, Sotiropoulos I, Lima C, Sousa N

Detection of the Glucocorticoid Receptors in Brain Protein Extracts by SDS-PAGE
Marques F, Sousa JC, Cerqueira JJ, Sousa N

Silencing of the tumor suppressor gene WNK2 is associated with upregulation of MMP2 and JNK in gliomas
Costa AM, Pinto F, Martinho O, Oliveira MJ, Jordan P, Reis RM

The effect of levodopa on postural stability evaluated by wearable inertial measurement units for idiopathic and vascular Parkinson’s disease
Gago MF, Fernandes V, Ferreira J, Silva H, Rodrigues ML, Rocha L, Bicho E, Sousa N

The impact of normalization and segmentation on resting state brain networks
Magalhães R, Marques P, Soares J, Alves V, Sousa N

Evaluation of the Effects of Selected Phytochemicals on Quorum Sensing Inhibition and In Vitro Cytotoxicity
Borges A, Serra SC, Abreu AC, Saavedra MJ, Salgado AJ, Simões M

BCG vaccination-induced long-lasting control of Mycobacterium tuberculosis correlates with the accumulation of a novel population of CD4+IL-17+TNF+IL-2+ T cells
Cruz A

Proteolytic systems and AMP-activated protein kinase are critical targets of acute myeloid leukemia therapeutic approaches
Fernandes, A

In Vitro Evaluation of Cell-Seeded Chitosan Films for Peripheral Nerve Tissue Engineering
Wrobel S, Serra SC, Ribeiro-Samy S, Sousa N, Heimann C, Baarwig C, Grothe C, Salgado AJ**, Haastert-Talini K**

Heterozygous deletion of the Williams-Beuren syndrome critical interval in mice recapitulates most features of the human disorder
Segura-Puimedon M, Sahún I, Velot E, Dubus P, Borralleras C, Rodrigues AJ, Valero MC, Valverde O, Sousa N, Herault Y, Dierssen M, Pérez-Jurado LA, Campuzano V

Chronic treatment with 17-DMAG improves balance and coordination in a new mouse model of Machado-Joseph disease
Silva-Fernandes A*, Duarte-Silva S*, Neves-Carvalho A, Amorim A, Soares-Cunha C, Oliveira P, Thirstrup K, Teixeira-Castro A, Maciel P

The effects of chronic stress on hippocampal adult neurogenesis and dendritic plasticity are reversed by selective MAO-A inhibition.
Morais M, Santos P, Mateus-Pinheiro A, Patrício P, Pinto L, Sousa N, Pedroso P, Almeida S, Filipe A, Bessa JM

Brain structure across the lifespan: the influence of stress and mood
Soares JM, Marques P, Magalhães R, Santos NC, Sousa N

Soares JM, Marques P, Magalhães R, Santos NC, Sousa N

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