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The aims of the pilot research team on medical education are to develop research that addresses international contemporary questions on health sciences education with a short term perspective of informing decision making on the development of the medical degree of the University of Minho.

The areas of activity of the research team are student development, the preferences and choices of professional careers and evaluation of innovations in teaching and learning in health sciences education. The research is developed in collaboration with students and faculty from the School of Health Sciences, national researchers in educational and social sciences and international experts in medical education. The team welcomes new collaborative ideas and projects.

The research benefits from an extensive database originating from the Longitudinal Study of School of Heath Sciences of the University of Minho (ELECSUM) that was initiated in 2001. ELECSUM was implemented with the purpose of tracking all of Minho’s medical students throughout their academic life and entire professional careers. Another important advantage is the easy access to information, students and faculty of Minho’s Medical School, a highly innovative program with international recognition.

The team expectations are to become an established research domain in ICVS in 2016. Pilot research lines under development are:
I) Student development
II) An observatory for the careers in health sciences
III) Innovations in teaching and learning

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