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The Monocarboxylate Transporter Inhibitor a-Cyano-4-Hydroxycinnamic Acid Disrupts Rat Lung Branching
Granja S, Morais-Santos F, Miranda-Gonçalves V, Viana-Ferreira M, Nogueira R, Nogueira-Silva C, Correia-Pinto J, Baltazar F

Finding the solution for incomplete small bowel capsule endoscopy
Cotter J, de Castro FD, Magalhães J, Moreira MJ, Rosa B

Polymorphisms in genes involved in folate metabolism modify the association of dietary and circulating folate and vitamin B-6 with cervical neoplasia
Tomita LY, D'Almeida V, Villa LL, Franco EL, Cardoso MA; BRINCA Study Group

A hospital based cohort study of colorectal cancer cases treated at Braga Hospital, Northern Portugal
Martins SF, Amorim R, Reis RM, Pinheiro C, Rodrigues M, Baltazar F, Longatto A

The Significance of Augmented High-Grade Squamous Intraepithelial Lesion Detection on Pap Test Examination: Partial Results from the RODEO Study Team
Scapulatempo C, Fregnani J, Campacci N, Possati-Resende JC, Longatto-Filho A

Oncological outcomes after endoscopic removal of malignant colorectal polyps
Gonçalves BM, Fontainhas V, Caetano AC, Ferreira A, Gonçalves R, Bastos P, Rolanda C

A rare cause of abdominal pain
Gonçalves B, Caetano AC, Ferreira A

Inflammatory bowel disease - experience of a pediatric gastroenterology unit
Nascimento J, Antunes H

Three-dimensional vs standard laparoscopy: comparative assessment using a validated program for laparoscopic urologic skills
Cicione A, Autorino R, Breda A, De Sio M, Damiano R, Fusco F, Greco F, Carvalho-Dias E, Mota P, Nogueira C, Pinho P, Mirone V, Correia-Pinto J, Rassweiler J, Lima E

The Impact of Polymorphic Variations in the 5p15, 6p12, 6p21 and 15q25 Loci on the Risk and Prognosis of Portuguese Patients with Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
de Mello RA, Ferreira M, Soares-Pires F, Costa S, Cunha J, Oliveira P, Hespanhol V, Reis RM

Emergencies after endoscopic procedures
Rolanda C, Caetano AC, Dinis-Ribeiro M

Automatic pre-bended customized prosthesis for pectus excavatum minimal invasive surgery correction
Vilaça JL, Henriques-Coelho T, Soares TR, Fonseca JC, Pinho ACM, Rodrigues PL, Correia-Pinto J

Performance and Reproducibility of Gynecologic Cytology Interpretation Using the FocalPoint System
Stein MD, Fregnani J, Scapulatempo C, Mafra A, Campaci N, Longatto-Filho A

How to decipher a microbial puzzle on microbial control: hands on
Azevedo MM, Pinheiro C, Yaphe J and Baltazar F

What is in? Pneumoperitoneum after sexual intercourse
Botelho P, Carvalho AF, Torrão H, Leão P

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