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Metabolic reprogramming: a new relevant pathway in adult adrenocortical tumors.
Pinheiro C*, Granja S*, Longatto-Filho A, Faria AM, Maria C

Validation of the Portuguese version of EHP-30.
Nogueira -Silva C, Costa P, Martins C, Barata S, Alho C, Calhaz-Jorge C, Osório F

Reprogramming energy metabolism and inducing angiogenesis: co-expression of monocarboxylate transporters with VEGF family members in cervical adenocarcinomas.
Pinheiro C, Garcia E, Morais-Santos F, Moreira MA, Almeida FM, Jubé LF, Queiroz GS, Paula ÉC, Andreoli MA, Villa LL, Longatto-Filho A, Baltazar F

Preoperative staging of rectal cancer with MRI: correlation with pathologic staging.
Abreu S, Martins S

Abreu S, Martins S

Metabolic coupling in urothelial bladder cancer compartments and its correlation to tumour aggressiveness.
Afonso J, Santos LL, Morais A, Amaro T, Longatto-Filho A, Baltazar F

Recommendations on quality control and quality assurance in cervical cytology.
Branca M, Longatto-Filho A

Molecular diagnosis of infectious diseases using cytological specimens.
Canberk S, Longatto-Filho A, Schmitt F

Hotspot TERT promoter mutations are rare events in testicular germ cell tumors.
Cárcano FM, Vidal DO, van Helvoort Lengert A, Neto CS, Queiroz L, Marques H, Baltazar F, da Silva Martinelli CM, Soares P, da Silva EC, Lopes LF, Reis RM

Carvalho Ribeiro AM*, Nogueira-Silva C*, Melo-Rocha G, Pereira ML, Rocha A

Extensive subcutaneous emphysema as a presentation of ischemic colitis.
Carvalho AF, Branco C, Leão P and Antunes C

Three-dimensional Technology Facilitates Surgical Performance of Novice Laparoscopy Surgeons: A Quantitative Assessment on a Porcine Kidney Model.
Cicione A, Autorino R, Laguna MP, De Sio M, Micali S, Turna B, Sanchez-Salas R, Quattrone C, Dias E, Mota P, Bianchi G, Damano R, Rassweiler J, Lima E

Historical Analysis of the Brazilian Cervical Cancer Screening Program from 2006 to 2013: A Time for Reflection.
Costa R, Longatto-Filho A, Pinheiro C, Zeferino LC, Fregnani JH

Minilaparoscopic sacrocervicopexy after supracervical hysterectomy and specimen extraction through posterior vaginal cul de sac.
Ferreira H, Ferreira C, Nogueira-Silva C, Tomé A, Correia-Pinto J

Glucose addiction in cancer therapy: advances and drawbacks.
Granja S, Pinheiro C, Reis RM, Martinho O and Baltazar F

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