Science & Society | events | Seminar - "Immune cell dynamics in malaria" - Christopher Sundling - April 4, 14 h

Seminar - "Immune cell dynamics in malaria" - Christopher Sundling - April 4, 14 h

Christopher Sundling, a researcher working at the KarolinskaInstitute in Stockholm will present a seminar on his  work on 

"Immune cell dynamics inmalaria”.

Please find a short bio ofChristopher below.


The seminar will take place April4th, 14 h,  room I1.14.

I completed my PhD with Professor GunillaKarlsson Hedestam at KI in November 2012 working on B cell responses invaccinated macaques. During my PhD I developed several novel methods and assayto measure B cell responses at the cellular and genomic level, both insingle-cells and from the bulk repertoire. This work was important forawakening my interest in B cells and vaccine immunology.

I was then awarded a VR internationalpostdoctoral fellowship and spent 3 years with Professor Robert Brink at theGarvan Institute of Medical Research in Sydney, one of Australia’s leadingresearch institutes. Dr. Brink has established a unique mouse model thatenables tracking of individual antigen-specific B cells as they respond tovaccination, enabling highly detailed mechanistic studies of B cell immunity.With this mouse model in my back and the tools I learned I have much moreconfidence in investigating and understanding the mechanics of our immunesystem.

 I was recruited to the Dept. ofMedicine Solna, KI, as an Assistant Professor in May 2017. My ambition is tocombine my previous research experiences and develop a cutting-edgetranslational research group focused on investigating how B cells contribute toimmunity following infection, vaccination, and autoimmunity. During mypost-doc, I gained valuable experience by establishing myself in a newenvironment with new methods and model organisms. This greatly expanded myscientific breadth and now allows me to design experiments of high scientificquality in both mouse and human systems, while also having the connections toinitiate relevant collaborations and, when needed, have access to key materials.My aim is to use this scientific breadth to address key immunological questionsand take them from mechanism to clinical application



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