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Research Grants - ICVS/3B’s – Associate Laboratory

1. The ICVS/3B’s – Associate Laboratory (AL) establishes six (6) grants to support collaborative research projects within the AL.

2. The grants, to a maximum of 10000 Euros each, are granted after a selection process, according to the following rules:

2.1 The call for proposals is announced in the ICVS and in the 3B’s Group websites.

2.2 The Grant will support projects up to a maximum of 12 months.

2.3 Research teams must include members from both the ICVS and the 3B’s. Each application must have a PI from one of the groups and a Co-PI of the other.

2.4 Applications must be submitted in English within thirty (30) days after the call for proposals and should contain a description of the project in the following format:

I. abstract (portuguese and english) – maximum 1000 characters;

II. literature review – maximum 2500 characters;

III. research plan (including methods and tasks) - maximum 7500 characters;

IV. bibliographic references (maximum 20).

The application process should be sent to one of the following email addresses: (monicaferreira@ecsaude.uminho.pt or virginia.araujo@dep.uminho.pt).

2.5 Applications will be evaluated by a Jury appointed by the AL Direction Board.

2.6 The announcement of the results will be done until fifteen (15) days after the call deadline.

2.7 At the end of the project a report must be submitted.

2.8 The results of the projects will be presented by the PI and/or co-PI in the scientific meetings of ICVS/3B´s AL.

Grants Regulation ICVS-3Bs 2014

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