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A aluna de mestrado Sofia Pinto garantiu a primeira edição da bolsa de apoio à investigação oncológica com um novo tratamento para o cancro da mama. A cerimónia de atribuição da bolsa realiza-se esta quinta-feira, 27 de junho, às 10h, na Escola de Medicina da Universidade do Minho. A bolsa de investigação em oncologia, da responsabilidade da delegação de Braga Liga Portuguesa Contra o Cancro e da Escola de Medicina da Univers ...

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ICVS's Researcher Joana Cabral distinguished with L'Oreal Medal of Honor for Women in Science

ICVS's Researcher Joana Cabral was distinguished with the Medal of Honor L'Oréal Portugal for Women in Science. The scientist will receive 15,000 euros to connect mathematics with neurology and represent the map of our human brain, in order to understand the changes found in neurological and psychiatric patients. The prize awarded by L'Oréal Portugal, the National Commission of UNESCO and the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) aims to encourage researchers in Portugal, a ...

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Olívia Pontes was awarded an EACR-Worldwide Cancer Research Meeting Bursary

Olívia Pontes, PhD student from the Health Sciences PhD Program, School of Medicine (University of Minho), was recently awarded an EACR-Worldwide Cancer Research Meeting Bursary. This bursary intends to award early-career members of the European Association for Cancer Research (EACR) to attend the conference “Making it Personal: Cancer Precision Medicine” in Bergamo, Italy (5-7th November 2018) and present their work.   Olívia’s PhD project is a multidiscip ...

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Patrícia Monteiro - What is the relationship between the primary hearing cortex and autism?

This research is focusing in the area of ​​our brain responsible for hearing, the primary auditory cortex, to study its relationship to autism. Patrícia Monteiro, a researcher at the Institute of Life and Health Sciences (ICVS) at the University of Minho School of Medicine (EMUM), has been studying the neurobiology of autism since 2009. "My interest in autism begun a few years ago in 2009, I developed research in this area in the USA in Boston at the Massachusetts Institu ...

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ICVS’s Researchers Awarded Programa Gilead Génese

ICVS’s / Escola de Medicina – Universidade do Minho researchers Nuno Osório and Rita Ribeiro da Silva were awarded with the Programa Gilead Génese! Read the Article on Expresso.

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