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EMBO workshop “Epigenetic plasticity: implications for neural (dys)function”

From 22-25th October, ICVS held the EMBO workshop “Epigenetic plasticity: implications for neural (dys)function”. This event gathered 85 researchers from all over the world and counted with renowned speakers in the field of epigenetics. Peter Verrijzer, Erasmus Medical Centre, NL Undercover: gene control by metabolic enzymes in development and disease Lars Jansen, Gulbenkian Institute of Science, PT Chromatin inheritance at the centromere and beyond Maria Elena Torres-Pa ...

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Workshop: New Targets in Neurodegenerative Diseases: Emphasis on advances in Alzheimer's Disease research

Experts in the different fields will give interactive lectures during the morning program. The participants will present their own research via short presentations  in the “elevator pitch” sessions. In addition the participants will discuss , each day, in small groups a scientific topic or theme based on background papers  and reviews provided by the experts. They will present the results of these discussions in a plenary presentation at the end of the afternoon.  ...

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Neurosciences Research Domain Retreat at Barcelos

From 28-30th December, the Neuroscience Research Domain gathered at Barcelos Municipality for another exciting annual retreat. With 120 posters and several seminars and group discussions, we had the opportunity to debate projects and ideas and further extend our internal collaborations.  Moreover, the neuroscientists had the opportunity to participate in diverse social events, namely: i)a guided tour to historical landmarks and museums of Barcelos; b) Barcelos afternoon/night 5km run, c) 1 ...

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IV ICVS/3B's - Associate Laboratory Meeting

The IV ICVS/3B's - Associate Laboratory Meeting took place on November 10th, 2014, hosted at the ICVS facilities, in Campus de Gualtar, Braga. This meeting include the participation of more than 250 researchers and represented one more opportunity to share and debate the ongoing scientific production centered on fundamental and translational research on Health Sciences and Technology. The meeting involved the presentation of 73 posters, eight communications of projects associated to ICVS/3Bs G ...

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ABCs in Surgical Sciences - 2014 Edition

The week of 27th-31st October was dedicated to promoting an active interaction between the researchers of the ICVS Surgical Sciences Domain – ICVS/3B’s Associate Laboratory and primary and secondary school students.  Media Braga TV Correio Minho_1 Correio Minho_2 Diário Minho_1 Diário Minho_2 RádioFundação TV do Minho

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