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A new window open up for cervical cancer: HER inhibitors could be very effective in the treatment of some of this patients.

Main findings In this study we performed the most comprehensive analysis of HER family receptor alterations in cervical cancer. We described that HER2 protein is an independent prognostic marker for these patients. Importantly, by in vitro and in vivo approaches, we showed that HER2 inhibitors are effective in reducing cervical cancer aggressiveness, similar to what happens for breast cancer patients. Moreover, combination of these drugs with glucose uptake blockers is able to overcome a putati ...

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Patrícia Gomes, a medical student & ICVS researcher, won the 1rst prize of Fundação AstraZeneca Innovate Competition for Basic Research.

During the 8th iMed Conference, Patrícia Gomes, medical student and ICVS researcher of the Neurosceince Research Domain, won the 1rst prize of Fundação AstraZeneca Innovate Competition for Basic Research, presenting the work entitled “Identifying the role of Tau protein in the molecular mechanisms of post-anesthesia cognitive deficits”. The authors of this work are: Patrícia Gomes, Joana Silva, Damiana Pires, Nuno Sousa, Hugo Leite-Almeida & Ioannis Sotiropoul ...

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International consortia lead by ICVS was awarded 700,000 euros

An international consortia lead by ICVS was awarded 700,000 euros of funding in the Joint Transnational Call Infect-ERA from the European Commission Seventh Framework Programme. The project “Transcriptome Analysis of Animal Models of Spontaneous Healing of Buruli Ulcer” coordinated by Jorge Pedrosa and Alexandra Fraga (ICVS/3B’s, Portugal) and having has partners Laurent Marsollier (France) and Ivo Gut (Spain) was 1 of the 9 projects selected for funding among the 110 propos ...

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ICVS researchers awarded with the best comunication in "Investigação do Congresso da SPOT"

A New strategy to prevent muscle degeneration associated to chronic rotator cuff tears. Main findings The rotator cuff (supraspinatus, infra-spinatus, teres minor and subscapularis) is a set of muscle-tendinous units very important for shoulder mobility. Massive rotator cuff tears (MRCTs) are usually chronic lesions with pronounced degenerative changes, where advanced fatty degeneration and atrophy can make the tear irreparable. Human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSCs) secrete a range of growth fa ...

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ICVS researchers win the best image in "Brain Without Borders”

ICVS researchers, Eduardo Gomes and António Salgado, won the best image in "Brain Without Borders” held in Coimbra from 18-19th November 2016. Image Title: Supermoon-like DRG

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