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ICVS researchers developed a new behavioral test to assess anhedonia

In a work by António Mateus-Pinheiro, Patrícia Patrício and colleagues, recently published in Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience, the ICVS researchers developed a new test to evaluate anhedonic behavior in rodents, called Sweet Drive Test (SDT). Anhedonia is the absence of pleasure from a previously rewarding experience or activity and constitutes a cardinal mark of depression. Studying the neurobiological basis of anhedonia in rodent models is therefore highly relevan ...

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ICVS Researchers contribute to the identification of a genetic factor involved in susceptibility to fungal infections in subjects undergoing bone marrow transplantation

An international team, led by Agostinho Carvalho (University of Perugia, Italy and ICVS/3B ' s, University of Minho, Portugal), identified a genetic risk factor associated with reduced levels of pentraxin 3 (PTX3; involved in opsonization of Aspergillus fumigatus fungus), which results in increased susceptibility to aspergillosis in hematologic patients undergoing bone marrow transplantation. This work opens the door to new therapeutic interventions and will make an additional genetic stratifica ...

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ICVS researcher wins the 2013 edition of “Bolsa D.Manuel de Mello”

Helder Novais e Bastos was awarded the “Bolsa D. Manuel de Mello” in the value of 12,500 euros with the project “Impact of Mycobacterium tuberculosis phylogeny in clinical heterogeneity” in a collaboration between the Microbiology and Infection Research domain of ICVS and Hospital de São João, EPE. This prize is awarded annually by the “Amélia de Mello Foundation” in partnership with “José de Mello Saúde” and is intended to ...

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Microbiology & Infection Meeting, 13th Set 2013, Casa Museu de Monção

The Annual Meeting from the ICVS's Microbiology & Infection Research Domain took place last Friday at the beautiful Casa Museu de Monção. It had the participation of 43 Researchers that discussed the latest scientific findings, ongoing and future research and the major working hypothesis of the Microbiology & Infection Research Domain. In addition to the poster sessions and round tables, the investigators also had the opportunity to interact outside of the lab in an informal at ...

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Brain Awareness Week, March 8-15th, 2014

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