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Science and Technology Week at ICVS

From 18th-22nd of November we celebrated the Science and Technology Week at ICVS. We opened our doors to more than 400 students from different ages. Students participated in different experimental activities namely: Deceiving your senses The life tha you cannot see The embryo The rainbow Acids and Bases Today I will be a doctor Clinical Skills lab Molecular Diagnosis Neurosciences

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6th Edition of "Fundamentals in Neuroscience"

The international post-graduation course “Fundamentals in Neuroscience” is occurring from 16th-27th of September at ICVS. In the end of the course, students are expected to: -describe the anatomical and functional relations between major brain areas -identify the cell types of the nervous system, describe the physical and functional interactions between them and explain their role in the nervous system -outline characteristics of disorders of the nervous system and of behavior -analyze anima ...

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The international post-graduation course “FUNDAMENTALS IN IMMUNOLOGY AND INFECTION” is occurring from 30 September to the 11th of October at ICVS. In the end of the course, students are expected to: -Identify virulence factors of different pathogens and relate them to the specificity of disease caused by these infectious agents;-Recognize the relevance of allelic variance on host genetic susceptibility to infections; -Describe the main cell death programs and their relevance on microbial infecti ...

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ICVS researchers awarded with Grunenthal Pain Prize

The Prize in Clinical Investigation (7500 euros) was delivered by the Grünenthal Foundation to the work: “Preditores pré e pós-cirúrgicos da administração de analgesia de resgate após histerectomia”, of Patrícia Pinto, Vera Soares and Armando Almeida, from ICVS/3B's Associate laboratory of UMinho. The main goal of the wining work was to identify pre- and post-surgical clinical factors, besides the pain the patients suffer after surgery, that can influence the decision of the medical doctors t ...

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ANJE Young Entrepreneur Prize awarded to the spin-off "BnML - Behavioral & Molecular Lab" from ICVS

The researchers Luísa Pinto, João Bessa, Patrícia Patrício, António Mateus Pinheiro and Nuno Sousa, from ICVS/3B’s Associate Laboratory have developed a new biological platform that aims to validate the efficacy of molecules/drugs to treat neuropsychiatric and neurodegenerative disorders. This spin off intends to help the pharmaceutical companies to find relevant and promising drugs, and contributing for the establishment of novel and safe therapeutic approaches. BnML has over one year and perfo ...

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