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Nuno Sousa was nominated Editor in chief of Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience

Nuno Sousa has accepted the invitation to be Editor in chief of "Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience", an international journal that has beenc onsolidating as one of the leading journals in the field of behavioral neurosciences. This nomination is the result of the excellent track record of Nuno Sousa in the field of Neurosciences, especially with studies devoted to the understanding of the interactions between brain circuits and complex behavioral outcomes. Nuno Sousa is a Full Profe ...

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Special section in Biochemie Journal: The Mesenchymal Stem Cell secretome in Regenerative Medicine

António Salgado, researcher of the ICVS-3B's, has edited a special section in "Biochemie" Journal.  Biochemie  Special section : The Mesenchymal Stem Cell secretome in Regenerative Medicine Edited by Antonio Salgado and Jeffrey Gimble Volume 95, Issue 12, Pages 2195-2464 (December 2013)  The cover image is from a paper by Nuno Silva, a post-doctoral fellow from ICVS.

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During this two week course, the students will have the opportunity to discuss and have some practical sessions of the principles governing human genetics, developmental biology and cancer. Specifically we aimed to: - Explain the basic principles underlying the structure, regulation and function of genes.  - Explain the basis of genetic variability and the cytogenetic of several genetic diseases, clinical implication and potential therapeutic applicability.  - To evaluate the advant ...

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Science and Technology Week at ICVS

From 18th-22nd of November we celebrated the Science and Technology Week at ICVS. We opened our doors to more than 400 students from different ages. Students participated in different experimental activities namely: Deceiving your senses The life tha you cannot see The embryo The rainbow Acids and Bases Today I will be a doctor Clinical Skills lab Molecular Diagnosis Neurosciences

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6th Edition of "Fundamentals in Neuroscience"

The international post-graduation course “Fundamentals in Neuroscience” is occurring from 16th-27th of September at ICVS. In the end of the course, students are expected to: -describe the anatomical and functional relations between major brain areas -identify the cell types of the nervous system, describe the physical and functional interactions between them and explain their role in the nervous system -outline characteristics of disorders of the nervous system and of behavior -analyze anima ...

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