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The top performing students from Minho's high schools visited ICVS/ECS

The top performing students from the high schools of Minho Region visited the School of Health Sciences of UMinho and ICVS to do short term research projects, contact with researchers and to be clarified about the medicine course.

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Science Outbreak Week 2016

The 2016 edition of the Science Outbreak Week took place from the 11th to the 15th of April. This yearly outreach activity is dedicated to the promotion of the research performed in the Microbiology and Infection Research Domain of ICVS. During the event the ICVS/ECS received more than 350 participants from high schools, senior universities and other institutions from the region of Minho. The participants had the opportunity to do experiments, test laboratory equipment and visit the ICVS lab ...

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MD PhD student from ECS/ICVS discovers a gene that regulates sleep

A team of Thomas Jefferson University discovered a gene, TARANIS, that regulates sleep in Drosophila. Importantly, TARANIS has a related gene in mammals, which may work in a similar manner, although more studies need to be performed. Using a forward genetic screen  (random mutations), researchers were able to identify genes that disturbed sleep in flies. One of the most interesting genes identified was TARANIS; mutants for this gene only get about 25% of their daily sleep. Authors sugge ...

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ICVS International Seminar Series 2015

The “ICVS International Seminars Series” are back with the second edition. This ICVS initiative give unique opportunities to interact and discuss with distinguished and internationally renowned speakers in many areas of life and health sciences, followed by time for questions and discussion. The seminars take place twice a year, including a Spring (April) and a Autumn (October - December) series. These seminars will take place at the Health Sciences School, Minho University, and ...

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2nd Joint Meeting ICVS/UMinho - Thomas Jefferson University

From 30th April - 1st May, researchers from ICVS, UMinho and from the Farber Institute for Neurosciences at Thomas Jefferson University gathered together at Philadelphia in the 2nd Joint Meeting. The goal of this meeting was to consolidate existing scientific collaborations between the two Universities and to promote further interactions amongst their scientists. The meeting included 9 seminars and a poster session, and covered different topics in the Neuroscience field, ranging from basic/f ...

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