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ICVS Researchers Discover New Therapy

A team of researchers from the University of Minho’s ICVS discovered a new therapy that allows to reverse spinal cord injuries. The therapeutic approach that combines stem cells and biomaterials was already tested in animals. Watch here the video from Porto Canal.

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Agostinho Carvalho, do ICVS / Escola de Medicina UM, recebe 1 milhão de euros para investigar doenças pulmonares

Agostinho Carvalho, do Instituto de Investigação em Ciências da Vida e Saúde (ICVS) da Escola de Medicina da Universidade do Minho, foi distinguido com uma bolsa de um milhão de euros, no primeiro concurso da “Iniciativa Ibérica de Investigação e Inovação Biomédica, i4b”, promovido pela Fundação “la Caixa” a pela Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia. O concurso teve 785 candidaturas e vinte ...

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A New Multidisciplinary Strategy for Spinal Cord Injury Regeneration

Main findings of this work The spinal cord can be compared to a highway, allowing information to flow, in the form of nervous impulses, from the brain to rest of the body and vice-versa. When the spinal cord is injured, most of the times as a consequence of an accident, its structural integrity is affected causing the disruption of the nervous connections and impulses within. This has a major impact on SCI patients as it leads to severe motor deficits, as well as other complications. The vast m ...

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Neide Vieira awarded a NARSAD Young Investigator Grant by the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation

The NARSAD Young Investigator Grant provides support for the most promising young scientists conducting neurobiological research. A NARSAD Grant is one of the highest distinctions in the field of mental health research, and is awarded by the scientific council of the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation, which is made up of 165 prestigious volunteers, widely recognized as the leaders in every major area of brain and behavior research. This award will allow Neide Vieira to extend the work ...

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New light at the link between depression and Alzheimer’s disease.

Novel studies from ICVS institute shows that chronic stress precipitates depressive pathology through neurotoxic mechanisms of Alzheimer’s disease Main findings: Prolong stressful periods in our life could be causally related to the development of depression, a mental disorder characterized by depressed mood, loss of interest or pleasure low self-worth as well as cognitive deficits that severely damage the individual’s life. More recently, depression is also shown to increase the ...

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