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"Percursos" at the ICVS, 2008

«Percursos» is a section of the online journal of Science and technology – www.cienciahoje.pt (CH). This section is the result of a collaboration of the School of Health Sciences / Life and Health Sciences Research Institute (ECS/ICVS) of the University of Minho, centered on the career paths of ICVS researchers: Percursos: Mónica Santos (2008-06-10) Percursos: Eduardo Ferreira (2008-07-09) Percursos: Manuel Lima Rodrigues (2008-12-22)

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"Scientists for a day” at Science and Technology Week, November 24th and 28th, 2008

During the “Science and Technology week”open lab activities were organized involving up to 620 students from several primary and secondary schools from the Minho region. Hands-on experiments were designed for each of the three educational levels (4th, 7th and 10-12th grade students) to allow our young visitors to become “Scientists for a day”                             &nb ...

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Secondary School ICVS/ECS Visiting Program, 2008

To increase the public awareness on our research, we offer scientific exhibitions, presentations and guided tours of the ICVS. During 2008, several High-Schools visited our facilities (in a total of 274 students) and observed in loco the work of the ICVS research teams. Secondary School Visit Programme: Escola secundaria de Vila Verde (30 students, 12º grade), 12th Mar2008 Escola secundaria Canelas (32 students, 12º grade), 3rd Apr2008; Colégio Luso Francês (100 stude ...

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Science Experimental Teaching Program, 2008

A hands-on and highly interactive educational program designed to support Science, Technology and Live Sciences teachers, as well as to inspire secondary-level school students to develop their study on these subjects, has been organized. This program is running during the 2008/2009 academic year and involves: (i) laboratory training of secondary-level life sciences teachers; (ii)  admission of secondary-level students in research projects at ICVS; and (iii) seminars provided by ICVS researc ...

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Brain Awareness Week, March 10-14th, 2008

In the context of the Brain Awareness week, dedicated activities were performed during the week of 10-14th March, including Science Sessions at Schools, open lab activities and General Public open sessions “Around the Brain 2008” at FNAC,Braga.                                                             ...

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