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Secondary School ICVS/ECS Visiting Program, 2008

To increase the public awareness on our research, we offer scientific exhibitions, presentations and guided tours of the ICVS. During 2008, several High-Schools visited our facilities (in a total of 274 students) and observed in loco the work of the ICVS research teams.

Secondary School Visit Programme:
  • Escola secundaria de Vila Verde (30 students, 12º grade), 12th Mar2008
  • Escola secundaria Canelas (32 students, 12º grade), 3rd Apr2008;
  • Colégio Luso Francês (100 students, 9º grade), 9 Ma2008;
  • Escola secundaria das Taipas (12 students, 12ºgrade), 16th May2008
  • Escola secundaria Amares (25 students, 12º grade), 21st May2008;
  • Escola secundaria Monte da Ola, Viana do Castelo (25 students, 12º grade), 6th Out2008
  • Colégio Amor de Deus, Cascais (38 students, 10-12º grade), 7 Nov2008
  • Escola secundaria Henrique Medina, Esposende (12 students, 12º grade), 19th Nov2008

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