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"Percursos" at the ICVS, 2009

«Percursos» is a section of the online journal of Science and technology – www.cienciahoje.pt (CH). This section is the result of a collaboration of the School of Health Sciences / Life and Health Sciences Research Institute (ECS/ICVS) of the University of Minho, centered on the career paths of ICVS researchers: Percursos: Estêvão Lima (2009-10-26) Percursos: Nuno Osório (2009-08-04) Percursos: Bruno Costa (2009-05-25) Percursos: Susana Pascoal (2009-05-04) Pe ...

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Science Experimental Teaching Program, 2009

The hands-on interactive educational program designed to support Science, Technology and Live Sciences teachers, as well as to inspire secondary-level school students to develop their study on these subjects, finished the first year of activities, and is starting the second year. The 2008/09 academic year involved:(i) 18 laboratory training of secondary-level life sciences teachers that provide nine new experimental protocols; (ii) the integration of 8 secondary-level students in research projec ...

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Secondary School ICVS/ECS Visiting Program, 2009

To increase the public awareness on our research, we offer scientific exhibitions, presentations and guided tours of the ICVS. During 2009, several High-Schools visited our facilities (in a total of 238 students) and observed in loco the work of the ICVS research teams. Secondary School ICVS/ECS Visiting Program, 2009: ·  Externato Camões, Rio Tinto, Porto (25 students, 10-12º grade), 21jan2009 ·  Escola Secundária de Caldas das Taipas, Guimarã ...

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“Scientists for a day” - Science and Technology Week, November 24th and 26th, 2009

During the “Science and Technology Week” (24-26 November), open lab activities were organized involving up to 355 students from several primary and secondary schools from the Minho region. Hands-on experiments were designed for each of the three educational levels (1-6th, 7-10th and 11-12th grade students) to allow our young visitors to become “Scientists for a day”.

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Brain awareness week, March 10-14th, 2009

In the context of the “Brain Awareness Year”, dedicated activities wereperformed (week 10-14th March). Nine Science Sessions at Schools wereattained by 640 students as well as open lab activities involving, 100 secondary schoolstudents, and 3 Senior University sessions, attained by 50 senior students (50-82years old).

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