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"Percursos" at the ICVS, 2010

«Percursos» is a section of the online journal of Science and technology – www.cienciahoje.pt (CH). This section is the result of a collaboration of the School of Health Sciences / Life and Health Sciences Research Institute (ECS/ICVS) of the University of Minho, centered on the career paths of ICVS researchers: Percursos:Jorge Correia-Pinto (2010-07-09) Percursos: Nuno Sousa (2010-05-10) Percursos: Margarida Saraiva (2010-03-09) Percursos: Carla Gonçalves (2010-01-06) ...

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Summer in the Campus at the ICVS/ECS, July 19-23th, 2010

In the context of this university level programme, ICVS organized 5 days of hands-on experimental activities under the designation of “Animal Models in Investigation” to promote experimental science and research ethics among 11 pre-university  students.                                                               ...

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Open Doors to high Schools, January 20th and April 14th, 2010

Open laboratory activities were organized involving 437 students from several secondary schools from the Minho region. Hands-on experiments were designed for 11th and 12th grade students. Additionally, activities included the presentation of the main research lines at ICVS and guided tours to ICVS/ECS facilities accompanied by explanations of the innovative principles underlying the conception of the medicine degree and its interaction with the research activities.   ...

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Scientists for a day - Science and Technology Week, November 25-26th, 2010

During the “Science and Technology Week”, open lab activities were organized by 65 ICVS researchers, and involved up to 413 students from several primary and secondary schools from the Minho region. Two days of hands-on experiments were performed by students of all educational levels allowing our young visitors to become “Scientists for a day”.                               & ...

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International Brain Awareness Week, March 15-21th, 2010

The initiatives developed in the context of the “International Brain Awareness Year” and included 13 seminars at secondary schools that were attended by 530 students as well as open lab activities involving senior university sessions, attained by 65 senior participants.                                                     ...

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XXVIII Youth Science Meeting, September 1-11th, 2010

This year the Youth Science Meeting took place at the School of Health Sciences/Life and Health science reserach institute - UMinho. Sixty participants of this young scientist meeting were enrolled on four experimental workshops that took place at the ICVS laboratories and under the supervision of its investigators that lead to a public presentation and discussion of the results by the participating students. The activities also involved presentations of ICVS research lines as well as the ...

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