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Outreach Activities 2015/2016

The Life and Health Sciences Research Institute (ICVS) at the University of Minho held on January the initiative "ABC da Cirurgia", opening the laboratories to students and taking their researchers and medical doctors to several schools in the region. The program was coordinated by the Research Domain in Surgical Sciences.
The main days were on Tuesday and Wednesday, with about 200 students involved in experimental activities in the Health Sciences School. Those adolescents and young people learned to sew and do simple surgeries (appropriate to their grade level) and understand the advantages of using image processing techniques for volumetric and functional analysis of different organs. They had also the possibility of entering an anatomy lab and "tinkering" with real human organs, and also had the opportunity to observe, handle, suture and dissect adult mice and embryos. "Most of them have no idea of the research undertaken in this field and when he realizes what is happening is fascinated," says Olga Martinho, one of the researchers responsible for the activity.
Throughout the week the medical doctors and researchers visited several schools of basic and secondary education in Braga and Ponte de Lima, to present the results of the latest research and try to answer questions and doubts of the students. The initiative's goal is to bring the University to the society, promote science communication and sensitize younger for vocations in health.
The ICVS / 3B's UMinho promotes annually three thematic weeks related to their research areas, namely: Surgical Sciences, Microbiology and Infection and Neuroscience. These playful activities have been attracting interest from several hundred students from primary and secondary schools across the country.

RTP1 (1ª parte) from ICVS ECS on Vimeo.

RTP1 (2ª parte) from ICVS ECS on Vimeo.

ICVS outreach activity, ABC da Cirurgia, was broadcasted on the portuguese television program "Portugal em Direto".

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