Results of the 2016 ICVS/3B's Associate Laboratory Grants




Acute myeloid leukemia and human adipose stromal/stem cell-derived cell sheets: exploring the niche contribution for AML malignancy Belém Sampaio-Marques (ICVS) Rogério Pirraco (3Bs)
Advanced therapy to effectively treat multiple sclerosis using a biomaterial to sustain the release of mesenchymal stem cells into the central nervous system Helena Ferreira (3Bs) Filipa Pinto-Ribeiro (ICVS)
Exploring the role of mesenchymal stem cells-mediated reprogramming of macrophages in rheumatoid arthritis Tírcia Santos (3Bs) Ricardo Silvestre (ICVS)
IRIS – Unlocking the role of extracellular vesicles in the modulation of macrophage-driven lung differentiation and repair Sandra Costa (ICVS) Ana Costa-Pinto (3Bs)
nanOcApt – Local proinflammatory-capturing nano-systems as an alternative therapy to control inflammation in osteoarthritis Filipa Pinto-Ribeiro (ICVS) Albino Martins (3Bs)
Pre-Clinical potential of Cell Sheets of Adipose Stem Cells for Skin Regeneration Mariana Cerqueira (3Bs) Alice Miranda (ICVS)
Pre-Clinical testing of a biofunctional nanofibrous mesh for colonic anastomosis Pedro Leão (ICVS) Albino Martins (3Bs)
STEM4CDH – Fetal Stem Cells as Therapeutic Strategy for Pulmonary Hypoplasia in Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Ana Costa-Pinto (3Bs) Cristina Nogueira-Silva (ICVS)

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