Cláudio Duarte-Oliveira

  • Aspergillosis
  • Innate immunity

Cláudio Manuel Duarte Oliveira graduated in 2014 in Applied Biology by the Universidade do Minho – Escola de Ciências and completed the master’s degree in Health Sciences in 2017 by Universidade do Minho – Escola de Medicina. Duarte-Oliveira is currently a PhD student in Health Sciences by Universidade do Minho – Escola de Medicina since November 2018 under the supervision of Dr. Agostinho Carvalho and Dra. Cristina Cunha. His track record is currently mirrored by 8 publications (>140 citations and h-index=6; March 2022), 1 book chapter, and 7 awards and/or honors. Duarte-Oliveira works in the area(s) of Natural sciences focused on Biological Sciences with an emphasis on Microbiology, Immunology, and Human Genetics. During his academic career, the main goal of his research efforts is to understand the effects of interindividual genetic variation on molecular and cellular processes of antifungal immunity and to translate this information into novel prognostic, diagnostic, and therapeutic approaches for fungal disease. He has a strong background in identifying genetic markers of susceptibility to infection and dissecting host mechanisms influencing the recognition and the activation of innate immunity to fungal pathogens. He is currently interested in experimental models of infection that will allow understanding how the activation and modulation of specific immune responses trigger resistance/susceptibility to fungal infection.


Host-fungus interaction and disease pathogenesis

The reprogramming of cellular metabolism is a fundamental mechanism whereby immune cells respond to infection. The sensing of microbial ligands by myeloid cells promotes dynamic changes in host cell metabolism to deliver a rapid source of energy to support…

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