Romeu Alexandre Fernandes

  • Cognition
  • memory
  • Tau
  • corticotropin-releasing hormone
  • hippothalamus

I am a master student enrolled in the Health Sciences master program of School of Medicine, University of Minho. Currently, I am developing my master project entiteled “Tau protein in CRH neurons as a modulator of memory consolidation”, under supervision of Joana Silva. The project aims to understand how Tau protein in CRH neurons modulates memory consolidation, understand the molecular alterations, neuronal damage, and synaptic dysregulation caused by the absence of Tau, using a novel CRH-Tau-cKO animal model.
While navigating thoughout my first year as a master student I came across the relevance of Tau protein for neuronal function, and since then I’ve been interesting in accessing its relevance in different cell opulations and their importance for higher brain function, like cognition.