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Neuroscience Research Domain weekly meeting

Every tuesday, the Neuroscience research domain meets to critically discuss the work of two researchers of the domain.

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Microbiology & Infection Domain Weekly Scientific Meetings

Every Thursday at 9:00 in room I1.15, the Microbiology & Infection research domain meets to critically discuss the research data from the domain and to present a journal club.

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Brain Awareness Week

As usual, we will celebrate the Brain Awareness Week (16-22 March). This initiative intends to get insight on how the brain works in health and disease, and promote the interaction between scientists and the community. This initiative will have two activities: i) Neuroscientists go to schools (16-20th March) Our neuroscientists visit different schools and present their work and answer questions about brain functioning; ii) Open Labs day (18th March) In this day we open the doors fro ...

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Seminar:"New directions in empathy studies: How should we be studying and promoting empathy growth in our students?" Researcher: Alexandra Valente Affiliation: Medical Education, ICVS, University of Minho Where: A0.02, 8th February 2016, 13:00

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International Postgraduate Programme

The course aims to prepare researchers for the appropriate use of animals in scientific experiments. This two-week theoretical and practical course will cover the biology and husbandry of laboratory animals, aspects of microbiology and disease, health hazards and safe practices in the animal house, the design and conduct of animal experiments, anaesthesia, analgesia and experimental procedures, as well as the ethical and legal aspects of animal experimentation and alternatives to animal use. The ...

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