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Title: Role of hypoxia in MCT1- mediated aggressiveness in glioblastomas Researcher: Vera Gonçalves Affiliation: ICVS/UMinho Where: A0.02, 1st December 2014, 13:00 Sponsored by:

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ICVS International Seminars - Jeffrey Pollard, University of Edimburgh - November 13th, 12.00, Auditorium Zulmira Simões

Jeffrey W. Pollard became Director of the Medical Research Council Centre for Reproductive Health in 2013 at the University of Edinburgh, UK. He is Professor of Resilience Biology and is a Wellcome Trust Senior Investigator. Before taking this position in Edinburgh he spent two decades at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York where he was full Professor of Developmental and Molecular Biology and of Obstetrics and Gynaecology and Women’s Health, Deputy Director of the NCI f ...

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ICVS International Seminars - Carla Martins, MRC Cancer Unit, University of Cambridge, UK - October 30th, 12.00, Auditorium Zulmira Simões

Carla Martins is an MRC Programme Leader at the MRC Cancer Unit in Cambridge. She obtained her MSc Degree in Biology and Genetics from the Department of Biology at Moscow State University. She then moved back to Portugal where she was awarded a Gulbenkian PhD Program Fellowship (1996-2001). In 1997 Carla joined the Netherlands Cancer Institute to carry out her PhD work under the supervision of Professor Anton Berns, on the in vivo impact of Cip/Kip proteins in lymphomagenesis. Carla defend ...

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ICVS International Seminars - Andrea Cooper, Trudeau Institute, USA - October 16th, 12.00, Auditorium A0.02

Andrea Cooper is a senior faculty member at the Trudeau Institute in New York, USA. The bacterium causing tuberculosis has existed within the human population since antiquity and can manipulate the human immune response to achieve its own goals. Dr. Cooper’s laboratory is working to understand precisely how the bacterium alters the immune response in order to improve vaccines against tuberculosis and other diseases of the lung. Understanding how the body responds to bacteria also helps ...

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ICVS International Seminars - Jan Deprest, KU Leuven, Belgium - October 23rd, 12.00, Auditorium A0.03

Jan Deprest is Full Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Faculty of Medicine of KU Leuven and at the University Hospitals Leuven, Head of the Centre for Surgical Technologies (Faculty of Medicine, KU Leuven), Consultant in Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University Hospitals Leuven and Director of its Fetal Therapy Program and Co-Director of Urogynecology Program. He is also Academic Chair of the Department of Development and Regeneration at the Faculty of Medicine KU Leuven (since 2 ...

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