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Pediatric Endoscopy (4th Edition)

This hands-on course focuses on the role of endoscopy in the diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of GI disorders. It aims to provide residents in pediatric gastroenterology and practicing GI endoscopists an update on current advances, with a comprehensive description of the endoscopic techniques, including hands-on training sessions in pigs. The faculty members are nationally and internationally recognized experts in the field of diagnosis and therapeutic endoscopy. English is the official ...

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Esta pós-graduação pretende instruir o formando sobre os princípios gerais da prescrição racional de antimicrobianos, alicerçada nas bases farmacológicas dos antibióticos e nos fundamentos básicos da microbiologia, em articulação à clínica aplicada. Em particular, serão abordados os mecanismos de ação dos antibióticos, aspetos farmacocinéticos / farmacodinâmicos, reações adversas e inter ...

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This course focuses the role of endoscopy in diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of GI disorders, and aims to provide residents in gastroenterology, practicing GI endoscopists and other interested health professionals an update on current advances, with a comprehensive description of some emergent endoscopic techniques. During the 2 days, the work will be divided in introductory sessions with lectures and video presentations by renowned experts, followed by laboratory hands-on training in ...

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Throughout human history, organ or limbs transplants were largely represented in the old textbooks but these procedures with vascular anastomosis of small vessels were only successful after the work of Jacobson and Suarez, in 1960, which used the microscope to help the suture act. After that, in 1965, KOMATSU performed the first successful replantation of a thumb. This relatively new technique requires a great effort, perseverance and a long learning curve. The practice allows the young surgeon ...

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The basis to laparoscopic exploration of the common bile duct is the maintenance of the biliary environment. Scientific evidence has demonstrated that these procedures have better clinical short and long-term results. Cost-effectiveness studies also confer it undeniable superiority relative to treatment of biliary lithiasis by way of cholecystectomy and ERCP. Nevertheless, the complexity of the techniques and pressure by gastroenterologists has conditioned its widespread.  This course ai ...

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