Cell Culture

ICVS / Resources & Facilities

The Cell Culture Facility (CCF) at ICVS provides its researchers with space and resources essential for the preparation and maintenance of cultures of mammalian (animal or human) primary or established cell lines.

The CCF is divided in two floors, each one comprising three working rooms, equipped with state-of-the-art equipment including CO2 incubators and laminal flow hoods (in a total of seven and six, respectively), and a support room, equipped with a dedicated inverted microscope, a refrigerator/freezer, and a centrifuge. The rooms are divided according to specific usages:

  • Four rooms for general use (with mammalian cultures). These rooms comprise two CO2 incubators intended for human-derived established cell lines, one for human-derived primary cultures and biomaterials, one for cultures of other animal origins (including explants and organotypic cultures), and one for quarantine (for cultures from external sources) and other special needs (e.g., mycoplasma testing);
  • One dedicated to stem cells-related cultures (e.g., nanospheres), comprising a dedicated CO2 incubator; 
  • One to virus manipulation (e.g., lentiviral-based transduction of cells), comprising a dedicated CO2

To ensure that good practice and standard operating procedures are followed, only authorized users can access the CCF. To receive authorization, users should undergo an introductory session provided by the cell culture coordinators, be submitted to a theoretical assessment, and sign a declaration of commitment, in which it is stated that they will comply to the rules and guidelines of the CCF. A special authorization is required to access the virus manipulation CCF room.


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