Histology and Molecular Biology

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Histology Services

The purpose of the ICVS Histology Services is to provide histological services (animal and human tissues) for both the academic community, as well as industry, in areas like Paraffin Embedding, Histochemistry, Frozen Sections and Histology applied to neurosciences (Vibrotome, Methyl-Methacrylate and Golgi-Cox technique). The Histology Services also provides specialized and targeted services during experimental design, execution and analysis of the experiments and counselling in the different scope of expertise practiced at ICVS and abroad, regarding the best approach for each research study.

Molecular Biology Facility

The Molecular Biology Services (MBS) at ICVS are focused on serving not only the needs of the University of Minho community as well as other academic and industry communities through a specialized service and counselling regarding the different scope of expertise practiced at ICVS.

Supported by a strong scientific platform, MBS focus in areas like manual and automated nucleic acids extraction, assessment of biomolecules quality and quantification by automated electrophoresis, qPCR (quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction), optimization and implementation of rodent genotyping protocols, namely mice and rats, protein quantification by multiplexing technology and detection of different Mycoplasma species in cell culture.

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