ICVS at European Researchers’ Night 2023

“Discovering the Connections between Space and Human Health”, the activity developed by ICVS researchers was a success at the European Researchers’ Night, an event that took place last Friday, September 29th, at Altice Forum Braga.

Around 150 participants contributed to this success with the support of 20 ICVS researchers from the University of Minho’s School of Medicine. Visitors to this science communication event learned about the different ways in which space science and medicine are related and how they benefit each other, in a way that is accessible and relevant to the public of all ages. The activity developed at the institute covered topics such as Space Race, Space Rescue, Cosmic Radiation, Visit to Space and Micro Gravity.

The European Researchers’ Night, which brought together more than 400 researchers, teachers, students and technicians, took place from 4pm to midnight around the theme “Science for All – Inclusion and Sustainability”.

For eight hours, visitors were able to see recent UMinho innovations throughout the exhibitors, such as batteries made with biodegradable materials, gold nanoparticles that detect diseases and pollutants or new coastal species. This “science party” also included interactive experiences, a quiz about native flowers, several demonstrations and workshops, crossing the areas of Biology, Geology, Physics, Mathematics, Optometry, Chemistry, Health, Biotechnology, Textiles and Psychology.