Nuno Sousa and João Cerqueira among most cited researchers in the field of Neurosciences

According to the most recent edition of the rankings, which annually classify the best and most influential scientists in the world in their respective areas, ICVS researchers Nuno Sousa and João Cerqueira are in the top ten national list of most cited researchers in the field of Neurosciences.

Together, they gather more than 40,000 citations resulting from more than six hundred scientific publications in national and international journals.
Nuno Sousa is still at the top of the best researchers in the area of Medicine at national level.

To classify researchers, the analysis criteria used include the number of citations and the D-Index (Discipline H-index), a measure that estimates the degree of dependence between authors and their research environment throughout its history of scientific publications.
It also contains the profile of each scientist, the number of publications and a list of their awards and achievements.