Carlos Vedor

Carlos Vedor completed his BSc degree in Biochemistry (2020) and is doing his MSc in Molecular Genetics in University of Minho (UMinho). During these years, he was invited to develop an internship under the supervision of Dr. Maria Alice Carvalho at the School of Science, with the aim to produce molecules with therapeutic value to fight colorectal cancer. In his graduation’s dissertation, he opted for a genetics-linked project titled “Identification of the genomic repertoire associated with the pathophysiology of multi-resistant P. aeruginosa strains”, under the supervision of Dr. Pedro Castro, developed in the School of Sciences at UMinho. At the moment, he is developing his master’s thesis titled “Development of an innovative in vitro model for studying noradrenergic dysfunction in Parkinson’s Disease”, supervised by Dr. Ana Marote at Life and Health Sciences Research Institute at UMinho. It is noteworthy that both at his graduation and the current master’s degree, he has figured as course delegate. Moreover, he was awarded an Excellence Scholarship, ex aequo, in 2019, and finished fourth place in the Biochemistry University Olympics in 2020.


Basic mechanisms of degeneration/regeneration

This project dedicates to fundamental research to understand the molecular mechanisms underlying Parkinson’s Disease (PD) and Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) pathophysiology.

In the context of PD, we focus on addressing how…

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