Cláudia Araújo

Provides support in the preparation, development and submission of applications to scientific research and technological development projects in the area of Health Sciences of the Institute for Research in Life and Health Sciences (ICVS) of the School of Medicine, involving the provision of clarifications and information within the scope of funding programs and their respective applications, as well as technical support in the preparation of the technical and financial component of the applications.
Within this scope, methods and processes of a technical nature are implemented with autonomy and responsibility, with follow-up and monitoring of the application processes for R&D projects ICVS, in interaction with the Responsible Investigators, including the institutional forwarding of the processes of application and the establishment of an interface with the Principal Investigators to ascertain the success of applications and subsequent measures to be adopted to promote stronger applications, in conjunction with the Coordination of the ICVS Administrative Unit and the Institute’s Management.