Magda João Castelhano-Carlos

  • Laboratory Animal Science
  • Animal welfare
  • Behaviour
  • Animal models
  • Enriched environment
  • 3Rs

Coordinator the Animal Facilities Unit (UBiot) since 2017, Magda J. Castelhano-Carlos worked at the School of Medicine and Life and Health Sciences Research Institute of the University of Minho (EM/ICVS-UM), as a head-technician of the animal facilities and laboratories, since 2001. Magda graduated in Biochemist (Porto University, Portugal, 1997), finished a Master in Laboratory Animal Science (Veterinary Faculty, Utrecht University, Netherlands, 2008), and a PhD in health sciences (at the EM/ICVS-UM, 2015). Furthermore, Magda has post-graduation training in management (certification as Lean Practicioner – Lean Academy Portugal, 2016; and General Management course – Porto Busines School, Porto University, 2021).
Her research interests include laboratory animal science (LAS) and neuroscience (animal welfare and behaviour), as well as automation and management applied to research animal facilities.
Magda is a member of the Animal Welfare Body ORBEA EM/ICVS_I3Bs/3Bs (nominated president), and is a consultant for the Ethics council of UM.
Magda has been involved in the design and organization of LAS post-graduation courses since 2004, lecturing in such national and international courses, and collaborating in the teaching of bioethics related to using animals in research in several graduation and post-graduation courses at UM. In 2022, Magda became a guest Associate Professor at the EM/ICVS-UM.
Magda is a member of the FELASA Education and Training Accreditation Board, participating in audits to international LAS courses (since 2021); a trainer for the Severity Assessment Workshop of FELASA (since 2017); and a member of the Portuguese Society for Laboratory Animal Science – SPCAL.

Scientific Highlights

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