Pedro E. Ferreira

  • malaria
  • drug resistance
  • drug development
  • diagnostics
  • infectious disease

Pedro Ferreira is a Biotechnology Engeneer (BSc 2002, MSc 2004) holding a Phd in Medical Sciences (Karolinska Institute, Sweden 2010). From 2011-2015 he had postdotoral experience at Japanese Tropical Medicine Institute, Nagasaki, Japan and Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. In 2016 he based at ICVS, UM to established his research team. The research topic focus on the development of technology for novel therapies and diagnostics to malaria. Over the years his scientific production holds more than 30 articles in recognized journal and 2 patents (h-index 23). Presently he is founder of Iplexmed, a medical diagnostic startup from University of Minho/INL.

Scientific Highlights

2021: Founder of medical diagnostics startup Iplexmed®


Basic mechanisms of degeneration/regeneration

This project dedicates to fundamental research to understand the molecular mechanisms underlying Parkinson’s Disease (PD) and Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) pathophysiology.

In the context of PD, we focus on addressing how…

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Molecular Therapies

The remarkable advances in molecular biology in the past decades have led to a better understanding of the mechanisms implicated in the pathophysiology of many CNS disorders as well as mechanisms that control axonal regeneration…

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