Raúl Pereira

  • pain
  • obesity
  • digital medicine

Raúl Pereira is a MD specialist in Family Medicine. His clinical interests are related with pain, obesity and the use of digital tools to provide better care to these patients.

Scientific Highlights

1. Antunes F, Pereira RM, Afonso V, Tinoco R. (2021) Prevalence and Characteristics of Chronic Pain Among Patients in Portuguese Primary Care Units. Pain Ther. 2021 Dec;10(2):1427-1437. doi: 10.1007/s40122-021-00308-2
2. Pereira RM, Cerqueira M, Barbosa A.(2021) Management of Chronic Disease in Pandemic Situations: Teleconsultation in Patients with Chronic Pain. Pain Med;22(12):2797-2800