Rita Matos Sousa

  • Medical Education
  • Assessment
  • Clinical competences

Rita Sousa is an Internal Medicine resident at the Hospital of Braga and an Invited Assistent at the School of Medicine, Braga Portugal. She is currently a Ph.D student at the School of Medicine in Braga. She is also part of the Population Health Research Domain at the Life and and Health Sciences Research Institute, Braga, Portugal. She is mainly interested in medical education, mainly assessment of clinical competences.

Scientific Highlights

RM Sousa, P Costa, J Cerqueira, JM Pêgo, A Santa Cruz, A Oliveira e Silva, N Sousa, VH Pereira. Translation, adaptation and validation of the Mini-Clinical Evaluation Exercise to the EU-Portuguese language. FEM. 2020. Vol 23. RM Sousa*, P Fino*, R Carvalho, N Sousa, F Almeida, VH Pereira. Cognitive performance is associated with worse prognosis in patients
with heart failure with reduced ejection fraction. ESC Heart Failure. 2020. 7: 3059–3066
Pêgo, J., Cerqueira, J., Bessa, J., Pereira, V., Gomes, S., Mariz, J., Sousa, R., Morgado, P., & Sousa, N. (2017). Fifteen Years of Experience from a
Medical School’ Clinical Skills Laboratory. Acta Médica Portuguesa, 30(2), 85-92. doi:http://dx.doi.org/10.20344/amp.8408