Microscopy and Imaging Facility

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Microscopy and Imaging Facility (MIF) of ICVS presents a well-suited platform of equipment to meet the daily challenges of an innovative research institute, able to image very different types of samples: from cells and tissues to biomaterials and microorganisms.

To fulfil these requirements, MIF grants access to imaging techniques including Widefield Microscopy (Brightfield, DIC, Phase Contrast, Polarized Light Imaging, Live Imaging and Fluorescence), Laser Scanning Confocal Microscopy (co-localization, Live Imaging, Multi-dimension imaging, FRET and FRAP), Stereology microscopy (Golgi Staining), and also to more differentiated technology as Holotomography, 2-Photon Microscopy and Micromanipulation Microscopy. Our strongest fields of expertise are the confocal microscopy, namely the multi-dimension imaging, co-localization studies, FRET and FRAP analysis; and the stereology microscopy, mostly for the analysis of nervous system regarding neuron morphology, cell density, volumetry, neuronal branching, spine count and classification.

Looking forward to innovate and disseminate knowledge, we offer scientific advice and tailor-made solutions in study design, development and data analysis, while also providing regular hands-on training sessions for all microscopes.

ICVS is a node of the Portuguese Platform of BioImaging (PPBI).

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