ICVS Session “Advances in scientific research in Rett Syndrome”

On February 2nd at 2pm, the session “Advances in scientific research in Rett Syndrome” will take place at ICVS. The session will be attended by patients, families and caregivers, researchers and a doctor specialized in the disease, to discuss progress in therapeutic options for this syndrome. Free entry. Escola de Medicina | 14h | Sala A1.05

ICVS “Cancer in Perspective”

ICVS marks World Cancer Day (4th February) by organizing the event “Cancer in Perspective” taking place during the morning of 5th February at the School of Medicine of the University of Minho . This initiative aims to present ICVS cancer research, as well as promoting debate about the research carried out and how it can help in understanding and treating the disease. The event is aimed at students, researchers, teachers and health professionals and will feature the participation of cancer patient associations, researchers and doctors. The event is free, but requires registration by January 31st using the following form: https://forms.gle/zUMFRVizNaUySLGt9…