Afonso Fernandes

  • Mental health
  • social determinants of health

Afonso Fernandes is a 6th-year medical student from the School of Medicine, University of Minho. His Master’s thesis focused on finding the sociodemographic, clinical, and lifestyle factors that influenced stress, anxiety, and depression symptoms during the COVID-19 pandemic. During his graduation, he undertook 2 laboratory rotations at ICVS Research Institute, acquiring essential research skills and further knowledge on the neurobiology of stress and neurodegenerative diseases.

Scientific Highlights

1. Costa AD, Fernandes A, Ferreira S, Couto B, Machado-Sousa M, Moreira P, Morgado P, Picó-Pérez M. How Long Does Adaption Last for? An Update on the Psychological Impact of the Confinement in Portugal. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 2022; 19(4):2243.