Ana Daniela Costa

  • Mental Health
  • Translational Psychology
  • Neurosciences

Ana Daniela Costa has a Master’s degree in psychology from the University of Minho and the University of Lille (double degree; PPNSA – European Master in neurocognitive processes and affective sciences). After the completion of the degree, she dedicated herself to research, having won a research grant from the Psychology Research Centre (CIPsi) during the 2020 Summer with Science by FCT and a one-year research fellowship at the Psychological Neuroscience Laboratory of the same R&D unit. During that period, she was enrolled in several courses to improve her training in both research and applied clinical psychology due to her passion for translational research. In 2021, she started to collaborate with the research team “Stress and Compulsivity: from Brain to Mental Health” at the School of Medicine (ICVS), where she has been receiving training in neuroimaging acquisition with magnetic resonance imaging. Currently, she is employed by the Association of the P5 Medicine Center (ACMP5, Medical School) and is doing a professional internship at the Psychology Association of the University of Minho (APsi; Psychology School) to become a certified psychologist by the Portuguese Order of Psychologists.

Scientific Highlights

1. Costa AD, Fernandes A, Ferreira S, Couto B, Machado-Sousa M, Moreira P, et al. How Long Does Adaption Last for? An Update on the Psychological Impact of the Confinement in Portugal. Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2022;19(4).