Ana Raquel Bertão

  • Silicon-based nanoparticles
  • Drug delivery systems (DDS)
  • Cancer treatment
  • Bioimaging

Ana Raquel Bertão holds a BSc in Biochemistry (University of Minho, 2015) and completed her MSc in Characterization Techniques and Chemical Analysis at the University of Minho in 2017. The master thesis was developed partially at the University College of Southeast Norway, thanks to the ERASMUS+ program support, and led to her interest in the use of nanotechnology for applications in the health sciences field. Currently, Raquel is a Ph.D. student at ICVS, and her research focuses on the development and study of silicon-based nanoparticles as an approach to cancer treatment. The project aims to use silicon-based nanoparticles as carriers for both antitumoral and antibacterial pharmacological active species since recent evidence was found for the influence of bacteria in the chemotherapeutics outcomes. Her work is being developed in close collaboration with INL and the Chemistry Center from the University of Minho, and more recently, the University of California, San Diego.

Scientific Highlights

PhD fellowship granted by FCT (SFRH/BD/141058/2018) (Oct 2018 – Present)
Research internship funding granted by FLAD (University of California, San Diego; Jun 2021 – Dec 2021)
N.Vilaça, A.R.Bertão, E.A. Prasetyanto, S. Granja, M. Costa, R. Fernandes, F.Figueiredo, A. M. Fonseca, L.De Cola, F. Baltazar, I. C.Neves, Surface functionalization of zeolite-based drug delivery systems enhances their antitumoral activity in vivo, Materials Science and Engineering: C, January 2021, vol. 120, 111721.
R. Bertão, N. Pires, A. M. Fonseca, O. S. G. P. Soares, M. F. R. Pereira, T. Dong, I. C. Neves, Modification of Microfluidic Paper-Based Devices with Dyes Nanomaterials Obtained by Encapsulation of Compounds in Y and ZSM5 Zeolites, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, May 2018, vol. 261, pp. 66 – 74.
A.R. Bertão, T. Dong, Stability of Colorimetric Results in the Detection of Urine Biomarkers Using a Paper-Based Analytical device, Proceeding of the 39th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC), Jeju Island, South Korea, 2017, pp. 185 – 188