Andreia Vaz

  • Major Depression
  • Antidepressants
  • Neurobiological mechanisms
  • Neuroglial networks
  • Brain plasticity
  • iPSCs

Andreia Vaz graduated in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Nutritional Sciences. Currently, she is a PhD student under the supervision of Dr. Luisa Pinto, in the “Brain circuits and neuron-glia adaptations” thematic line at ICVS, whose work aims to understand the molecular and genetic networks involved in the pathophysiology of Major Depressive Disorder. To attain it, she will generate neural cells from patient-derived induced pluripotent stem cells.Major Depression; antidepressants; neurobiological mechanisms; neuroglial networks; brain plasticity; iPSCs

Scientific Highlights

1 – Second best poster – XVIII Congress of Nutrition and Food. Porto, Portugal, 16-17th May 2019;

2 – IBRO-PERC Grant for support of the Soft Skills Training: Building up a career in Neuroscience