Beatriz Barros dos Santos

  • Chronic stress
  • Tau
  • RNA-binding proteins
  • Stress Granules

I am a master student enrolled in the Molecular Genetics master program of School of Sciences, University of Minho. Currently, I am developing my master project entiteled “The unique biology of RNA-granules in Stress and Alzheimer’s Disease pathologies”, under supervision of Joana Silva and Ioannis Sotiropoulos. This master thesis project aims to further understand the mechanisms associated with stress-induced pathology and SG induction that are dysregulated by high levels of glucocorticoids and chronic stress. We also aim to understand how autophagy modulates the neurodegenerative marks, the relevance of mTOR and autophagy in the regulation of RNA homeostasis and the translational stress response.
I have a bachelor in Applied Biology, and my interests in molecular mechanisms of disease started to grow while starting my master in Molecular Genetics, where we study multiple molecular mechanisms in many different system organisms and disease contexts.