Catarina Barbosa-Matos

  • lung
  • fibrosis
  • aspergillosis
  • repair
  • regeneration
  • macrophages
  • neutrophils
  • T cells
  • c-Met
  • HGF

Catarina graduated in Biochemistry in 2016 by the School of Sciences, University of Minho (Portugal). In 2018, she completed her MSc degree in Health Sciences from the School of Medicine, University of Minho (Portugal). Since October 2019, she is a PhD student in Health Sciences doctoral program at the School of Medicine, University of Minho, granted by a fellowship from FCT. During her PhD thesis she aims to unveiling the potential involvement of c-Met signalling in immune cells in cellular and molecular processes in pulmonary fibrosis and aspergillosis, using mouse models and in vitro approaches. Overall she co-authored 5 articles. She co-supervised 1 MSc students and 2 BSc students.

Scientific Highlights

* Catarina Barbosa-Matos, Caroline Borges-Pereira, Sofia Libório-Ramos, Massimiliano Mazzone, Sandra Costa. c-Met expression induction in immune cells modulates pulmonary fibrosis progression. European Respiratory Journal Sep 2020, 56 (suppl 64) 2583; DOI: 10.1183/13993003.congress-2020.2583; * Raquel Fernandes, Catarina Barbosa-Matos, Caroline Borges-Pereira, Sandra Costa. Glycogen synthase kinase-3 inhibition by CHIR99021 promotes alveolar epithelial cell proliferation and lung regeneration in acute lung injury. ERJ Open Research Mar 2021, 7 (suppl 6) 88; DOI: 10.1183/23120541.LSC-2021.88; * Silva-Ferreira, S., Duarte-Oliveira, C., Antunes, D., Barbosa-Matos, C., Mendes-Frias, A., Torrado, E., Costa, S., Silvestre, R., Cunha, C., Carvalho, A. (2022) Hypoxia Inducible-Factor 1 Alpha Regulates Neutrophil Recruitment during Fungal-Elicited Granulomatous Inflammation. Front. Cell. Infect. Microbiol. 12 (October), 1–10. <>; * Oliveira, R. D., Celeiro, S. P., Barbosa-Matos, C., Freitas, A. S., Cardoso, S. M., Viana-Pereira, M., Almeida-Aguiar, C., & Baltazar, F. (2022). Portuguese Propolis Antitumoral Activity in Melanoma Involves ROS Production and Induction of Apoptosis. Molecules (Basel, Switzerland), 27(11), 3533. <>; * Brito, P. S., Costa, J. V., Barbosa-Matos, C., Costa, S. M., Correia-Pinto, J., & Silva, R. M. (2021). Association of serum vasogenic and proinflammatory factors with clinical response to anti-vascular endothelial growth factor for diabetic macular edema. Retina (Philadelphia, Pa.), 41(2), 345–354. <>


Host-fungus interaction and disease pathogenesis

The reprogramming of cellular metabolism is a fundamental mechanism whereby immune cells respond to infection. The sensing of microbial ligands by myeloid cells promotes dynamic changes in host cell metabolism to deliver a rapid source of energy to support…

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