Filipa Pinto-Ribeiro

  • Chronic pain
  • Experimental Osteoarthritis
  • Single cell extracellular electrophysiology
  • Nociception
  • Neuroinflammation
  • Brainstem
  • Animal behaviour,
  • Pharmacology and Systematic Reviews

Filipa Santos Costa Pinto Ribeiro de Lacerda completed her PhD in Health Sciences in 2010 at the School of Medicine (University of Minho), her MSc in Marine Science and Resources in 2002 at the Instituto de Ciências Biomédicas de Abel Salazar (University of Porto) and her MA in Biology in 1997 at the Faculty of Sciences (University of Porto). She is an Assistant Professor at the School of Medicine (University of Minho) and a Junior Researcher of the Neuroscience Department at the ICVS (Life and Health Sciences Research Institute – University of Minho) since 2010. Her main research interests include the interplay between chronic stress and chronic pain, particularly in gender related differences in chronic inflammatory disorders and its emotional comorbidities. She has published 36 papers, a book chapter and an H index of 13 (570 citations on Scopus). Three private contracts with the industry for the testing of new drugs for the management of chronic pain have funded her research group in the last 5 years. Her expertise includes animal behaviour (nociceptive and emotional), molecular, immunohistochemical and stereological brain analysis, histopathology, single cell extracellular electrophysiology and systematic reviews.

Scientific Highlights

Prizes: Prémio Grunenthal Dor (2003, 2007, 2009, 2011) Publications: Fonseca-Rodrigues, D., Almeida, A., & Pinto-Ribeiro, F. (2022). A New Gal in Town: A Systematic Review of the Role of Galanin and Its Receptors in Experimental Pain. Cells, 11(5), 839.; Fonseca-Rodrigues, D., Gonçalves, J., Laranjeira, I., Almeida, A., & Pinto-Ribeiro, F. (2022). Sucrose intake and preference by Wistar Han rats are not influenced by sex or food/water deprivation. Pharmacology, biochemistry, and behavior, 216, 173387. Advance online publication.; Fonseca-Rodrigues, D., Rodrigues, A., Martins, T., Pinto, J., Amorim, D., Almeida, A., & Pinto-Ribeiro, F. (2021). Correlation between pain severity and levels of anxiety and depression in osteoarthritis patients: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Rheumatology (Oxford, England), 61(1), 53–75.; Fonseca-Rodrigues, D., Laranjeira, I., Barbosa, J., Lamas, N. J., Amorim, D., Almeida, A., & Pinto-Ribeiro, F. (2021). Nociceptive, emotional, electrophysiological, and histological characterization of the chronic constriction injury model in female Wistar Han rats. Brain research bulletin, 167, 56–70.; Fonseca-Rodrigues, D., Amorim, D., Almeida, A., & Pinto-Ribeiro, F. (2021). Emotional and cognitive impairments in the peripheral nerve chronic constriction injury model (CCI) of neuropathic pain: A systematic review. Behavioural brain research, 399, 113008. ; Silva, A., Antunes, B., Batista, A., Pinto-Ribeiro, F., Baltazar, F., & Afonso, J. (2021). In Vivo Anticancer Activity of AZD3965: A Systematic Review. Molecules (Basel, Switzerland), 27(1), 181.; Ferreira, C. S., Rodrigues, J., Moreira, S., Ribeiro, F., & Longatto-Filho, A. (2021). Breast cancer screening adherence rates and barriers of implementation in ethnic, cultural and religious minorities: A systematic review. Molecular and clinical oncology, 15(1), 139.; Caleia, A. I., Pires, C., Pereira, J. F., Pinto-Ribeiro, F., & Longatto-Filho, A. (2020). Self-Sampling as a Plausible Alternative to Screen Cervical Cancer Precursor Lesions in a Population with Low Adherence to Screening: A Systematic Review. Acta cytologica, 64(4), 332–343.; Pereira, R., Leite, E., Raimundo, J., Guilherme, S., Puga, S., Pinto-Ribeiro, F., Santos, M. A., Canário, J., Almeida, A., Pacheco, M., & Pereira, P. (2018). Metals(loids) targeting fish eyes and brain in a contaminated estuary – Uncovering neurosensory (un)susceptibility through bioaccumulation, antioxidant and morphometric profiles. Marine environmental research, 140, 403–411.; Puga, S., Cardoso, V., Pinto-Ribeiro, F., Pacheco, M., Almeida, A., & Pereira, P. (2018). Brain morphometric profiles and their seasonal modulation in fish (Liza aurata) inhabiting a mercury contaminated estuary. Environmental pollution (Barking, Essex : 1987), 237, 318–328.