Gonçalo Torrinha

  • Space Medicine
  • Human Factors

“Gonçalo Torrinha (MD) is a recent graduate from the University of Minho’s School of Medicine. Throughout his degree, Gonçalo acquired extensive research experience, being part of three different research projects and having written two systematic reviews. Gonçalo also has experience in the field of Space Medicine, having taken two short courses on the subject (ran by ESA and MITx) and written his thesis on the subject. This made possible for Gonçalo to have occupied a position in the Space Medicine Project Group at the Space Generation Advisory Council, as well as founded and presided over the Portuguese Student Club for Space Medicine and Life Sciences.
Gonçalo is currently in his foundation year residency in Viana do Castelo. Simultaneously, he is also an invited lecturer at the University of Minho’s School of Engineering teaching Space Medicine 101, where he is also part of a research group taking it’s first steps on Aerospace Human Factors research. In 2022, Gonçalo organized one of the first events in Portugal devoted solely to gathering in one place personalities in entrepreneurship, engineering and Portuguese space industry and academia to discuss the need for and future of space medicine in Portugal – Space.Minho.”

Scientific Highlights

“1. Torrinha, G; Morgado, P; Oliveira, E (2021). Structural changes in Brain MRI due to Head Down Tilt Bed Rest (Systematic Review and Future Research Guidelines)
2. Awarded the Space Medicine Association’s 2022 International Scholarship”